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Patrol-BJX Portable Communication Power Amplifier

Portable Communication Power Amplifier

Patrol-BJX is a state-of-the-art, highly efficient high-power communications amplifier system. The system is constructed to transmit continuously and simultaneously on up to ten frequency channels from 25 MHz to 2500 MHz, which includes the frequencies used by most walkie-talkie radio devices, all cellular and Satellite/GPS receivers as well as WLAN, and has a total RF output power of 100 watts.

An operator's remote control unit provides full system control, cinluding a distinct ON/OFF function for each individual frequency band. A four-level potentiometer is provided for RF output power adjustment (for each frequency channel). The unit's "smart active" cooling system enables unlimited continuous use in challenging climatic and weather conditions.

The system features very easy mobility, installation and use.


  • Ultra-high-power RF amplifier with VSWR and temperature self-protection technology
  • Extra high density FM continuous noise source
  • Low-loss RF diplexer/combiners
  • High-gain wideband external antenna solution for vehicle installation
  • Specially designed shockproof, vibration-proof and RF-shielded internal metal enclosure in a "Pelican 1620" trolley case form factor
  • Wired remote control unit with on/off function for each frequency independently
  • High-power and very high stability DC power supplies, including high-capacity internal batteries
  • Active smart cooling system