SESP Jamming

SESP develops and manufactures the most effective
and reliable radio frequency jammers in the world.

Stationary RF Jamming Solutions

Stationary Radio Frequency Jamming Systems

stationary jamming solutions
bomb jammer
VIP protection
broadband jammers

SESP’s stationary frequency jamming solutions are designed to provide maximum protection against bomb detonation and undesirable communications in large buildings, facilities and installations. The types of installations where these systems are in use include:

  • Prison Facilities
  • Government facilities
  • Military installations
  • Parliamentary buildings
  • Embassies
  • Detention facilities
  • Military shelters
  • Army checkpoints
  • Municipal facilities
  • Airports

SESP’s most powerful systems are capable of completely paralyzing all RF communication signals in large defined areas, for purposes such as anti-terror security, VIP protection and prisoner isolation.

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